Q&A About Podcast Secrets

Lots of questions about Podcast Secrets. I’ll attempt to answer a bunch of theme here.

  • Q: Are you really going to stop selling Podcast Secrets on Saturday? Why would you do something so silly?
  • A: Yes. The next time anyone will be able to buy the class is in 2008 (and at a much higher price). We need to move from sales to training and this is the best way to make it happen. Simply said, are you in or out?
  • Q: The thousand dollar off coupon will be around next year, won’t it?
  • A: No it won’t. This is the year we pay for our biggest fans and success stories by making it very easy to take Podcast Secrets. Starting next year, we’ll have plenty of testimonies and success stories – and the $1,000 coupon won’t be neccesary.
  • Q: Will you sound better on the class than you did on the preview call?
  • A: Of course I will. Among other things, I’ll be in this country and on a more modern phone system. We’ll have lots of backup for Podcast Secrets.
  • Q: Can I still order the recordings of the preview call?
  • A: Yes you can. Use this special link to order the preview call recording.
  • Q: What really happens Saturday?
  • A: We stop taking order for Podcast Secrets and start gearing up to take the class. We’ll put those still interested after that date on a waiting list for next year.
  • Q: How close are you to the 300 student limit you’ve placed on Podcast Secrets?
  • A: There is a good chance we’ll have to stop selling this thing before 5p on Saturday.
  • Q: Do you have an affiliate program for Podcast Secrets?
  • A: Yes we do, for students of the class. But if you are interested in marketing it, you better sign up FAST and email for affiliate instructions.
  • Q: Will you really promote me if I sign up with you?
  • A: We need to tell great success stories from Podcast Secrets. Have a great success story to tell and you can bet we’ll promote you.

The dealine is Saturday, 5p Pacific, or 300 seats or sold, whichever comes first.

I hope to see you in Podcast Secrets.

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