Public Radio Talent Quest “Responds”

A response to my questions/comments on the “Public Radio Quest” is online. At least they’re egosurfing. Lord knows I do.

Yes, I saw that blog post too (in fact we’ve got an automatic feed of posts mentioning the Talent Quest , fully anticipating there would be good, bad, and ugly stuff bubbling up) … We’ll be posting the full official rules as soon as possible, we’ve just got to wait for a lawyer to review them and make sure everything is in order. The contest doesn’t begin until April 16th and the rules will be posted long before then, so we’re not asking anyone to sign up for anything sight unseen. … Certainly it’s fair game for podcasters to opt out of the whole idea, and one of the best things about podcasting is that you don’t need broadcast radio or an invitation from the industry to help you develop a show or reach an audience.

First of all, the rules are now suddenly up, claiming a 1/18 publication date. Don’t worry, I have a screenshot that proves that this wasn’t the case. I’m glad they’re up. Good for them.

Now that we have some details, let’s look into it.

Round one involves a “2 minute” audio recording sample. Let’s compare: Survivor audition tapes are three minutes long – and we all know they hire Survivor contestants for what they bring to the conversation.

Here’s what they’re looking for in the 2 minute tapes. This is hillarious!

8.2.2. Judges Review. The Judges will then judge the Entrants selected by the Preliminary Panel according to the following Judging Criteria:

a) Creativity and Originality of Piece;

b) Whether the Piece indicates that the Entrant would make a good public radio host, including, but not limited to, whether the Piece shows that the Entrant is engaging, intelligent, curious, authentic, honest, interesting, knowledgeable,;

c) Whether the Piece provides evidence that the Entrant’s approach would lead to a successful public radio show;

Yup, in two minutes …

Round two is a series of “audio challenges.” I wonder if you get immunity on a radio audio challenge – or does it have to be a specific “audio immunity challenge.” Where is Jeff Probst when we need him?

The rest of the rounds are pretty obvious – read the rules.

Round: Five
Description: The three (3) Finalists will be paired with production mentors and produce a Pilot Radio Program. These pilots will be voted on by the public and submitted to (CPB).
Dates: October 1, 2007 to December 13, 2007
Prizes: Submission to CPB for possible funding consideration

So, from April to December you work your butt off at the chance of someone in public radio hearing your audition tape.

This part is actually decent

9.3. In accepting the position as a final winner, the Entrant agrees that he/she will grant the Sponsor the right of first negotiation for the production and/or distribution rights of any future public radio programming that results directly or indirectly from the Pilot Radio Program.

Here’s a fun piece

In the event of a dispute as to the identity of a winner based on email address, the winning entry will be declared made by the Authorized Account Holder of the email address submitted at time of entry. For purposes of these Official Rules, “Authorized Account Holder” is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an email addresses by an Internet access provider, online service provider or other organization (e.g., business, educational, institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address.

Uh, how about comparing voices?

And of course, the rules page ends with

Watch this space – we’ll have the official rules posted ASAP.

The truth is out there.

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