Why I Can’t Afford Free (Running the Numbers)

Podcast (New Media) Expo v Podcamp NYC

Why don’t people do the math anymore?

  • Hotel: $97 PE v $199 PC (Per Night)
  • Hotel Tax: 11.75% PE v 18.5% PC
  • Plane Ticket: $210 PE v $447 PC (obviously different from each city)
  • Parking At Event: $0 PE v $30 PC (Per Day)
  • Airport to Hotel: $0 PE v $75 PC
  • Cab from Parties to Hotel: $0 PE to $? PC
  • A Decent Meal: $20 PE v $40 PC (Per Meal)
  • Known Tables Of Booksellers: 1 PE v 1 PC
  • Amount of (Known) Sponsors Looking For ROI: 6 PE v 62 PC
  • Expected Fellow Podcast Enthusiasts For Free Track: 2,500 PE v 1,100 PC
  • Expected Fellow Podcast Enthusiasts for Paid Track: 600 PE v NA PC
  • Chance at Wacky Podshow Attempt For “Un” Conference: 90% PE v 0% PC
  • Event T-Shirts: 0 PE v 1 PC

Yeah, I’m going to the event that “charges” – I can’t afford not to ;-).

Nothing but the best of luck and wishes sent to Podcamp NYC. I wish I could be there.

Just, like everything else in life, run the numbers.

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