Attend Big Seminar 9 – Get A Geoff Smith Podcast Jingle For Free

Now this is going to be fun.

The affiliate commission for Big Seminar is significant. It's part of why I do the Big Seminar Live Podcast, among other things.

Part of the generous commission is a little “unwritten” understanding that you do something pretty cool for the customer who attends Big Seminar via your link.

I want to do something big and nice for any Podcaster who is considering attending the Big Seminar.

In short, attend through my affiliate link and I'll pay for the mighty mighty Geoff Smith to write one of his famous jingles for your Podcast. He's good, and it's the least I could do if you attend on account of me. I actually got a few other things I want to do – but that is the “big ticket.”

If you don't know Geoff Smith, visit his site. I also recommend you listen to the interview I did with him for Profitable Podcasting #7. He wrote the jingle for that show – and for The Zune Brothers. He has more talent than most of the people on radio these days and can make you sound incredible.

You should have seen the big eyes at Microsoft when I played the Zune Brothers theme song.

Now you can get one of your own. Use this link to buy your ticket and the custom theme song is yours.

Big Seminar is going to be a blast. Even if you don't come via this path, let me know you're around and we'll meet up.

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