Free IQ Is An Extremely Disruptive Online Content Model

Update: A few words about on this week’s Podcast Tools Weekly Update.

Wow, take a look at

I very very very seldom get on the “it’s just like “x” but better” bandwagon but in this case, we’ve got a very very different situation on our hands.

First of all – the monetization side of things (and where would this blog be without that?): This whole “share the wealth” thing that all the other sites has been promising is tightly integrated into their affiliate program from the very beginning. You bet I joined it. You can join Free IQ here.

You bring people into free IQ and they start buying content, you see a piece of the action. Content providers now know that people are compensated for selling their content and, wow, the snowball effect begins.

Secondly – want to add your own content to Free IQ? Did you know you can set the exact timecode moment in video for a thumbnail (or set your own). Very nice. Starting selling it and you get a piece of the action. Offer it for free and grab some very optimized for the search engines real estate for your content.

Look at how clean the interface is? No flashing Hilton Romance Package (or worse) around your content. I’ve always said the money is in the content, not the 25 cent cpm model that everyone else seems to be pushing. Free IQ gets that.

Keep your eyes on this one. Very important, very disruptive, very cool. And put together by some very smart people who know what they’re doing.

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