Paul, How Did You Get To Be A Galacticast Cinematographer?

Am I THE Paul Colligan listed as Cinematographer for 4/2/7 Episode of Galacticast?

You bet I am.

And I paid $100 for the honor. I've always wanted to be a cinematographer. Maybe I should list this in my About Paul Colligan page.

And I gave 'em a link back.

See – they're the media – they're production, distribution and sales.

They produced the show, distributed it themselves, and sold the title of cinematographer to whoever wanted to pay $100 for the honor.

And that ain't the only option – check their Galactifund episode for more.

Did they just get another link from me?

You bet they did.

And did I really pay for the honor.

You bet I did.

See a model here that you could follow?

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