Are Podcasters Slowing Down Podcasting’s Growth?


This needed to be said.

13 Signs That Podcasters Might Be The Podcaster’s Worst Enemy

  • Obsessing about free Podcasting services, events, training, and products while complaining that nobody wants to spend money in this space.
  • Raising panic about web streaming rates for RIAA music while claiming that Podcasting doesn’t need that top 40 crap.
  • Bragging that your show isn’t making money while shouting that “traditional media” should follow your model.
  • Preaching to the converted while snubbing noses at those who haven’t figured it out yet.
  • Spending hundreds$ on microphones while complaining about the shipping charges on “free” business cards.
  • Pounding Apple TV for not having HD while ignoring that fact that your Mom can actually use it.
  • Voting Tech Podcasts to the top of every list while assuring this medium is for everybody.
  • Begging for reviews at iTunes, the Pickle, the Alley and more while assuring us that they don’t matter.
  • Promising this media is for everyone but attacking anyone who tries a different business model.
  • Claiming your work is extremely valuable but accepting CPM rates of less than Murder She Wrote reruns.
  • Pushing the Anti-DRM Gospel while freaking out if your blog content was “repurposed” anywhere.
  • Praising Skype as the ultimate interviewing platform while forgiving the fact that it simply isn’t.
  • Complaining that none of the “big boys” are in this game but failing to produce a model that the big boys might be interested in.

If you think I include every Podcast in this list, you didn’t read the list. If you find that you resemble something on this list, … I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’m sure this will start some dialogue. Comments are open.

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