Podcast 411 – Grammar Girl … Wow

Rob’s Podcast 411 is a bit like the old VH1 show “Behind the Music” for me. Bands for whom I would change the channel if their music came on the air got my attention for their 90 (minimum) minute story. It was always compelling stuff. Rob’s show is pretty much the same thing – just replace crack pipes and groupie tales with Audacity and first time computer stories.

Show #194 with Mignon, the Grammar Girl (no direct link, sorry – but look it up), is everything I love about Podcasting in one great interview: starting with a simple passion and ending up on Oprah. Oh yes, she pays the bills – and deserves every dime.

She’s agreed to do a special Profitable Podcasting where we’ll go more into the specifics of monetization, but I’ll encourage everyone there to listen to Rob’s interview first. It’s a great intro.

And I encourage you to do the same.

I’m glad I’m not up against you at Podcast and New Media Expo, Mignon. I’m a very big fan – I might even become a better blogger because of what you do.

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