Be The First In The Podium Project Beta Test (For Free)

We are about to launch the first 50 Podium Boxes in our Podium Project beta test. It will be a chance to test the “end user” experience of delivering high value content this way.

I know the tech works, it is now time to figure out how the end user responds to content being delivered via a little black box – as well as explore the hiccups along the way. It will be a fascinating ride – and I promise to keep everyone up to date along the way.

Two ways to get on the beta program – one of them won’t cost you a dime:

49 beta testers will pay a deposit fee to get a box and a pmp and test the service for about 45 days. If they like what they have, they can keep the box and get some additional content and service. We will be delivering more than $1,000 worth of content during that time frame – so it will be well worth the price 😉 For more information send a blank email to

1 beta tester will get their box for free by posting a blog post entitled “Why I Want In The Black Box Beta” and providing a link back to this post. They’ll even get their box before the 49 listed above do. This is a fun way to build a little buzz and hand out a wildcard beta test as well. Should be fun. Might even give away 2.

Let the games begin.

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