Here Is What I’m Allowed To Say About

Here’s what I’m “allowed” to say:

  • Yes, he’s going to do one of his “wacky” offers that night that you’ll want to examine.
  • Yes, the 5 Segway Scooters, 30 ski vacations and 10 lifetime memberships thing is real.
  • Yes, signing up will get you access to a recording (but do listen that night if at all possible).

Here’s what I’m not allowed to say (am gonna anyway):

  • Yes, is a “valid” description of the product.
  • Yes, he is the same guy who loves to do $1 offers on launch night. Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge.
  • Yes, a Podcaster could take the end result, click a few buttons and make a Podcast from it.
  • Yes, I will have a video that shows how to anyone who is interested.

Should be fun.

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