Brad Fallon, Big Seminar 9 (Day 1) – Is Online Video The Natural Evolution?

Brad Fallon was my favorite presenter of day 1. You’ve read my previous postings about how disruptive Free IQ is, and after what he showed us, I couldn’t be more convinced.

As a side note, I will be doing a few training calls and or Webinars for Free IQ users. These will be free and, of course, placed on Free IQ for those who wish to participate by time shift.

But he said something about technology that I’m not sure if I agree with completely yet. I thought I’d share the big idea and see what you thought.

He basically said that technology goes through 3 stages: the geeks, the kids and then the rest of the world.

Geeks were the first to get email. Then kids saw it was cool. Then the “rest of the world” decided they wanted another contact option their business cards.

Hard core geeks had the first websites. Then the kids picked them up. Then the “rest of the world” saw how valuable they could be.

The same is true for Instant Messaging(?)

But Brad applied this to video. YouTube made online video fun for the geeks and the kids – but someone needed to make it approachable for businesses (now you see why he launched Free IQ).

See the geeks have been using it.

And the kids sure love it.

But are general Ma and Pa business types going to head to computers to get training, to get educated, to get entertained?

I think of Joost. I think of my Year of Living Digitally. I think of Apple TV.

Brad might be onto something here. Thoughts?

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