“What In The World Is An Antenna?”

So we’ve got a big garage sale this weekend.

We’re selling a lot of crap – you know, the purpose of garage sales.

One of the things we’re selling is a DVD/Television combo that is the actual size of a small television, not these $75 laptop sized deals you can get at Walmart now. Yup, it’s heavier, bulkier, etc. – with none of the added benefits.

It does have a coax jack. I found an old pair of bunny ears in the basesment to sell with it.

My 7 year old looked at the antenna and said “What’s that?”

“An antenna”, I told her.

What in the world is an antenna?” she responded.

Remember, in this household, the only thing the cable company does is deliver phone and Internet. Television comes over the Internet and radio is just called “Podcasts” in these parts.

Why should she know what an antenna is?

Why should she care?

Why should I?

Why should you?

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