More Good New For Podcasters – Dvorak Joins Podshow

After the debate yesterday over whether or not Wallstrip’s purchase was a “good thing” for the valley (can you believe this is actually a debate?), I’ve decided to start a new category here – GOOD NEWS.

More good news today. Dvorak is joining Podshow to launch a “Podshow Tech” group. We don’t have many details at this point – but I’m pretty excited.

I cut my teeth in computers reading his columns. I always appreciated his no nonsense approach to the world of computers. The real reason I upgraded my cable to TechTV was his Silicon Spin show – not the Screen Savers.

Whereas many Geeks thrill to their TWiT fix every Monday morning, every Thursday morning I turn on my Apple TV to watch Cranky Geeks.

I am, as they say, a big fan.

Podcasting needs three things really badly: More raw talent, common sense, and easier consumption by the masses. Podshow’s announcement brings #2 to #1 from a company hoping to accomplish #3.


Updated: Can’t believe I forget this –

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