Friday June 15th, Noon, The Ask Paul Colligan Webcast, Premium Podcast, eMedia Content Source, Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, And More …

On Friday, June 15th at Noon, Pacific time, I'll be blending a number of my favorite topics: affiliate marketing, Podcasting, Webcasting and making a few bucks online.

It will be, initially, a free webcast for anyone who submits a question (and it doesn't even really have to be a good one – I just might not answer the lousy ones).

I'll be using to make the live streaming thing happen.

For those who ask a question that I answer live on the Webcast, we got something special for them as well ;-).

The content will be repurposed as a free Podcast and a Premium Podcast. We'll also sell it, eventually, at the eMedia Marketplace.

If you want to see how this whole thing will be done and/or are curious about the world of Affiliate Marketing, I encourage you to participate.

What Is Your Single Most Important Question About Effective Affiliate Marketing

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