Happy Birthday Apple

Happy Birthday Apple.

As a kid, Apple kept my young mind running – could I really program a computer? Those scifi books I was reading were coming true.

As a college student, Apple kept me from flunking out – why was writing papers so much easier for me than my PC friends? What did they know that I didn't – or was it vice versa?

As an twenty-something entrepreneur, Apple frustrated me – Why the heck can't I do my (“real world”) work on a Mac? What happened to that cool company I once loved?

As a thirty-something entrepreneur, Apple thrills me. I type this on a MacBook Pro that is, when necessary, a better PC than anything I have at home. Honestly, I used Parallels less and less every day – but she's there if I need it – and I got a cool computer again. I listen to a Podcast on my iPod. I could go on and on there.

Happy Birthday Apple.

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