Probably Too Early For This Kind Of Thinking

I'm sitting at the airport ready to head to Notre Dame for a little presentation on “The 7 Ways the iPod Changed Marketing.”

Don't worry, you'll have your chance to hear the recording ;-).

I've been frustrated with traditional CPM models in Podcast monetization and advertising because I think forcing this “old” model for advertising into our new media is like stuffing my frame into my 7 year old's princess bike.

So let's take that a little further shall we, …?

Is forcing our Podcast content into a “show” mentality “good or bad” for what we have here?

Let me explain.

Obviously, we call our content a “show” because it is what people can wrap their arms around.

Seinfeld had a show. Cosby had a show. Rather had a show. Etc.

But, the question is this.

Is this “show” mentality doing more damage than good?

Ever listened to an episode of some Podcast thinking to yourself “did they really have to put that one out?”

Well, if you need to publish a weekly show you do.

If you have a daily show you do.

If you publish when warranted you don't.

But if you do that, it ain't a “show.”

It's more like an update.

Hard to market on “updates.”

But as an advertiser, I'd love to advertise on something that's only need to know information – not filler space.

Am I making any sense here? Any thoughts on this one?

Or should I just board the plane for O'hare?

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