Podshow And Hackers

When I got my batch of “Podshow Hacked” emails, I was expecting the Podshow naysayers to claim how this was “proof” of whatever.

They didn’t.

When Curry admitted it on his blog, I expected a bunch of annoying comments.

They didn’t show up. There were a few – but not as many as I would have expected.

I’ve had my share of hacker problems. I know a lot of people who have. It sucks, but it’s part of this business. When I got those emails the first thing that went through my mind, honestly, was “some Podshow folk ain’t getting much sleep tonight.”

Is it “sloppy” management? Sometimes. Is it a “high profile” target? Sometimes.

Whatever it is, guys, sorry. I feel your pain.

Podosphere, thank you for not blowing this out of proportion.

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