Needs A Headline. Give It One And Win Lifetime Viral Access.

I’m pretty excited. does it all. It automates the production of RSS for Podcasting (audio or video) and traditional newsfeed content. Instead of the one-to-many model currently utilized by the marketplace, allows for one-to-one production – which let’s you track, adjust, switch on or off, etc.

It’s more than Podcasting – although many will use it for that.

Charge for it or don’t charge for it. Maybe the “entry” point is an email address ( also integrates with the best email delivery and management system on the planet today). Maybe it’s content for a private member site, etc. You choose, you’re in charge.

Did I mention a complete API so you can keep your customer from ever visiting our site?

The trick now is explaining that in one simple headline. I’ve pounded my head against the wall for a few good headlines. Would love to hear what you think. Offer me something better and if we use it – I’ll give you lifetime access to a Viral (highest level) account.

The key is something that makes sense for someone who has no idea what RSS is.

  • Leverage The Power Of RSS To Automate, Simplify and Monetize Your Message
  • Boost Sales By Broadcasting On Your Customer’s Terms
  • Your Profitable Broadcast On Your Customer’s Exact Terms
  • Syndicate Your Profit Channels
  • Easily Add Web 2.0 Power To Your Marketing Mix
  • Automate, Simplify and Monetize Your Message Delivery
  • The Next Generation Of Broadcasting
  • Broadcast Whatever You Want However Your Audience Wants To Receive
  • The Easiest Way To Monetize Your Message
  • Automate, Simplify and Monetize Your Internet Broadcasts
  • Easy, Automated and Profitable Content Syndication

Yup, sure could use your thoughts here.

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