Thoughts From The Steve Jobs Keynote

Grabbing my content from and Engadget. Impressed with the MacRumorsLive interface. Inserting Podcast and New Media commentary along the way.

Side note: I was originally thrilled with the idea of being able to watch Cali Lewis Liveblog this event to found out that her Caliness crashed uStream. Love it. You know things are bad when Cali can’t get into the system either. Anyway, the Keynote …

So they start with the (brown) Zune jokes. To be expected.

Apple Store just went down. Interesting.

EA (Electronic Arts) is coming back to Mac. Looks like the best of the catalog – and quick too! Apple gets the gaming demographic. Interesting choice – with their approach to owning the hardware/software combo, they can bring to gaming what everyone else expects from the consoles. Very cool. Looks like ID is in the “game” as well.

Leopard News And New Features (300 new ones – here are 10) …

1) New Desktop (looks nice)
2) New Finder (finally)
3) Quick Look (nice, but nothing too amazing)
4) Everything 64-bit
5) Core Animation (always pretty)
6) Boot Camp (they want to complement what Parallels is doing – no realy new announcements)
7) Spaces (nothing new to report)
8) Dashboard
9) iChat (gets some Photobooth action)
10) Time Machine (I do hope backup gets easier)

Cost – $129

SAFARI ON WINDOWS? Uh, …Public beta today. That one I don’t get but he is Steve.

iPhone application development. His solution, … Web 2.0 Apps running through Safari, Ajax, etc.

Not that impressed on that one. There are some interesting “the cloud is the computer” implications here but I don’t know if we’re ready yet.

No talk about battery life either ……..

Store still down but no new products. Fascinating.

Nothing exciting at all.

Back to the day job.

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