– 5 Royalty Free Podcast Themes And A Poke At The Music Industry

My buddy and audio/video mentor Mike Stewart has launched a fascinating little project over at

Essentially, Mike has launched a “real” record label and his first project is an album called “Unspoken.”

The album is actually, quite good – but that's not the point of this post.

His little record label is doing two very interesting things:

He's giving away the single for FREE. That's right. FREE. Can you really make money with free content? How much will that upset the powers that be? We'll be following that story here as well.

But even more interesting is his offer to Podcasters. Buy his CD (physical or $9.99 download) and get 5 original royalty free smooth jazz themes for use in your Podcasts or other audio/video projects. Tracks like these normally cost $30 a pop (and these are better than most) so you're looking at like a $150 value. It will be interesting to see how this project goes (and we'll be tracking this one here as well).

If you are interested in the whole story, I interviewed Mike for Electronic Marketing Interviews Number #3. Good stuff – he's a smart guy.

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