7 Reasons Why This Apple Fanboy Won’t Be In Line For The iPhone On Friday

Yes, there is someone out there who won't be in line for the iPhone on Friday. Here are my top seven reasons why:

  • AT&T's Data Network. No matter how you slice it – lame.
  • $600 For A Phone Plus Two Year Commitment to AT&T. Even if they did upgrade their network a) the iPhone can't handle it and b) you'd be locked into their lousy data network plan for two years.
  • Price. For $28 more, I could buy a shuffle, a new iPod and an Apple TV.
  • Everybody Else. Can you imagine the fire sales all the other guys are going to have when that start believing the hype? They'll be giving phones away for free soon.
  • v1. This bad boy will have problems. v1s always do. I can only imagine hearing those words “we'll get your repaired iPhone out to you in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Do I Really Want To Be Online 24×7? After the 4 Hour Workweek, I've actually be pondering my first non-Internet connected cell phone in like 7 years.
  • Ratatouille Opens On Friday Too!. Shorter line, better snacks, my kids can come and Steve Jobs still makes money off of me.

It's gonna be a wacky week.

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