Paul, Whatever Happened To That Whole Podium Project Thing You Were So Crazy About A Few Months Back?

Great question.

Still crazy about it (and (stop – disclosure time) still on their board of advisers (and still in a booth next to them at Podcast And New Media Expo)).

Anyway, now that we’ve made the lawyers happy (and who doesn’t want happy lawyers?), we just released the boxes for use by our initial beta team (North American at least). International boxes will be shipping soon.

As always, you can keep up to date with some of the stuff (we do have some secrets with our beta testers – but that is password protected) over at the Podium Project Blog. We’ve got a simple video that shows the simple setup process over there as well – but I might as well embed it here too. Not bad for a one handed shoot.

Would love your thoughts, even if you aren’t in the beta program (yet, at least).

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