The Podcast Secrets Challenge Is Tonight – Want To See Our Top Vote Getters?

We decided in the end to only allow our Podcast Secrets students to vote, but that can’t prevent me from bragging on our top vote getters. And, again, these were just the top vote getters, not the entire list of excellence!

In the newbie (never launched a podcast before) category we have (and in no particular order):

In our veteran (has published a Podcast before – regardless of success) category we have (and in no particular order):

And one of them will be mentioned on Oprah’s (yes, that Oprah) radio show next week.

From handling divorce to implementing ERP, from candlemaking for profit to success in the travel business, you can see Podcasting is hardly limited to geeks talking about geeky things.

I’m so proud of our students. You’ll be hearing more from them. At Podcast Expo, you’ll get a chance to meet many of them in our booth.

The call starts in a little more than 5 hours.

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