Feedburner’s TotalStats and YourBrand Are Now Free! A Few Thoughts …

I’m sure I’ll get certain fruit flavored comments about the nature of this being proof that Google wants to own my first born but I this point, I’m thrilled that Google/Feedburner (Feedoogle?) has made their TotalStats and YourBrand product free for all. You can follow all of the hubbub and whatnot over at Techmeme if you so desire.

Bottom line for me is that it’s nearly $50 a month that I get back. No complaints there.

Bottom line for the Podcaster is that these services should no longer be debated. The more stats the better and, gosh darn it, owning the domain name of your feed is always a good thing.

We hit the topic lightly over at PodcastTools.com if you are interested. As always, we offer the ad and fluffless version of the show over at PodcastToolsDirect.com.

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