Podcast Secrets Challenge 2007 – Final Results Are In

What a thrill to have taught Podcast Secrets this year. I can't tell you how proud I am of our students. Alex and I just got off the phone with out top vote getters. It is now time to share the results with the world.

Our Newbie Top Vote Getter Runner Up is Dr. Andrew Colyer and his Sound Healing Experts Live Podcast. Although he has just one episode out at this point, his peers are impressed with what he's done (as are his teachers) and we all expect to see more great things from him.

Our Veteran Top Vote Getting Runner Up is Sabrina Braham of Women's Leadership Success. I'm thrilled with her results for many reasons – from the level of the content to the clear integration of our monetization models. She's a rising star.

Our Newbie Top Vote Getter is Carolyn Ellis of the Divorce 101 Show. The site is gorgeous, the content first rate and the integration with her existing business should be an inspiration to anyone wondering how to integrate Podcasting with what “they're already doing.”

Our Veteran Top Vote Getter is Heidi Nabert of Boo Boo Gone. This extremely important topic is matched with a Podcast that shows that a Podcaster can improve over time to produce a Podcast so much more than “some mp3 files online.”

Congratulations you four. We couldn't be more thrilled.

To all of our finalists, it was a blast to have run this contest. Alex and I learned a number of things from all of you.

To all of our students, thank you for going through this with us. As you know, a Podcast Secrets student is an alumni for life and when you see what we have in place for 2008 …

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