This Is The Week I’m Sure It Will “All” Happen – Paul Goes On A Low Information Diet

Having a lot of fun with the 4-Hour Workweek. I'm integrating a number of his concepts in to my workweek. Will I get to 4 per? We'll see ;-).

This week – the low information diet. It's just a week, but the idea here is to be more effective by seeing what happens when I don't fill my mind with other's information.

No blogs.

No surfing.

No news.


No Google news updates.

No Podcasts – unless entirely music.

None – unless absolutely vital to work.

For 7 days.

Will he make it?

Will Apple launch something amazing this week?

Will this be the week the Zune finally starts receiving Podcasts?

Yeah, it will probably happen this week.

On the other hand, I've actually accomplished more this morning that I can remember ever getting in on a Monday morning. I'm usually still catching up on my news will listening to TWiT at this point.

Focus is a good thing.

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