Quick PremiumCast.com Walkthrough And Some Thoughts On What Changes When RSS Goes Personal

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the PremiumCast.com interface. We’re working on some more specific tutorials for specific tasks but enough people have asked “what’s inside” that I figured we should respond. Embedded below – some RSS readers might require a click through:

In Podcast Tools #66, we examine 7 things that change when RSS goes personal. These things are true PremiumCast.com or not – but I thought they might be of interest to you.

  • 1 – you can now really track your audience.
  • 2 – you can let your audience start a series when they want to.
  • 3 – you can tie your content to an email address.
  • 4 – you can integrate your content into a private member site.
  • 5 – you can sell your content.
  • 6 – you can personalize rss messages to google/msn/yahoo/ etc. home pages.
  • 7 – you can communicate directly through the channel and get around spam issues.

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