I’m Stumped – Can Somone Help Me? How Does One Get In On YouTube Apple TV and/or iPhone?

O.k., YouTube now does Apple TV and the iPhone. We went on and on about it in MOL #51.

Now, we know that YouTube hasn’t converted their entire inventory over yet. I have no problem with that. They have a huge back catalog.

However, when I view YouTube on my Apple TV, there are “recently posted” videos there. Stuff that was posted today, got on You Tube Apple TV Version (and I’d assume iPhone Version) today! Quality was, these are just normal traditional YouTube type stuff – so it ain’t an issue of “the good stuff get’s in.”

Any idea how one gets their stuff at the front of the queue? I tried uploading something in .H264 to ‘make things easy’ for them – but that wasn’t it.

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