My iPhone Verdict – Great Gadget / Lousy Productivity Device That Shouldn’t Kill The Mobile Web

I had to spend some time in the Apple Store a few days back to have a ‘genius’ confirm that my (still under Applecare) power chord was in fact, not charging my MacBook Pro.

Why they need an ‘genius’ to confirm that the light doesn’t turn on is beyond me, but that is another story all together.

I got about 45 minutes with an iPhone. The store had great Wifi access (would have booted up my laptop, but couldn’t get power to it (as confirmed by a ‘genius’).

My verdict: Pretty, gorgeous, as geeked out as a device could ever get, best iPod interface ever (I’m about to head on a roadtrip and it’s the 80gig of video that makes my iPod the best iPod ever, not the cool screen) …

… but …

not a productivity device.

Typing is lame. I even heard one sales person tell a potential customer “you really won’t be typing on it much anyway). Just typing in a freaking web address took like a minute. When I have to type on my phone, I want to be able to type on my phone.

No third-party apps is lame. Splash ID and Documents to Go get as much use on my Palm as Web and email.

Edge is lame. Nuff said. I have Verizon EVDO on this phone and can use dial up networking to attach it to my Mac.

Camera is lame for a $600 phone.

No external memory options is lame.

The very thing they continue to point out about Zune (the whole why have wifi if you can’t use it to sync to your own computer) thing is double-plus-lame.

The inability to surf WAP / Mobile Web sites is lame (can someone confirm this – I couldn’t make it happen). On my Treo I can quickly (and all with one hand, find and address, click down to the hyperlinked phone number, click the button and talk. Some portable sites are just better when you have a tiny screen, despite what Forrester says.

In short, I’m staying with my Treo. Am I thrilled with it? No, but I can get more done on it than I can my iPhone.

And, let’s face it, the new 30 gig + iPod with that new interface are coming out very soon, and I don’t have to sell my soul to AT&T to get one.

And before you go there, I got a one-year contract with Verizon. They’ve been nothing but good to me.

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