A “New Level” At Apple? Thought’s On Apple’s Releases Today

As always, I enjoyed skipping all things productive and playing along at home with the live blogging from Engadget of his Steveness’ press event.

Steve said …

Let’s admit it, the iMac upgrade was expected and the incremental upgrades to iLife were nice, but nothing amazing. The integration of .Mac with iPhone was also nice, but nothing killer. The iMovie stuff, that will get me to upgrade.

But Steve did say (regarding iLife (according to Engadget)) …

We’re replacing one of the apps with something that takes it to a new level

And that of course was …. ? Am I the only one who didn’t catch a “whole new level?” Magic Garage Band?

Uh …?

Was it Spreadsheets in iWork? Was that it?

Anyone else unimpressed?

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