Next Internet Millionaire Podcast – Can You Spot How Many Ways JOEL IS THE MEDIA?

First, visit the site – I'll wait …

Next Internet Millionaire

Joel Comm is among other things: a friend, and yes, an Internet Millionaire.

He's also one smart guy.

He is also the media.

New York Times Bestseller …

Sold a company to Yahoo …

It's all there.

And he's the real deal. Did I mention that?

So, he launches this “Web Reality Show.”

Cheesy? Maybe? But have you watched The Apprentice?

And, by the way, I know each of the teachers highlighted in each episode personally … they're all the real deal as well.

The thing I want you to note here is that Joel does have sponsors for his show. He will be making money from ad insertion. And he'll be making a lot higher effective CPM than any ad deal you've been offered this week 😉 He's a content producer.

But he is also selling his own product. He's a sponsor.

And, dear friends, each episode will be selling a product. He's the vendor.

The final product will be a product for sale. He's the salesman.

He'll own it all.

He's seeing revenue eight ways to Sunday on this one.

He's the media.

Are you the media?

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