Free iPhone For Attending Big Seminar X*

Big Seminar is the default Internet Marketing Seminar that I recommend anyone pondering that space attend (at least once).

I've been to 8 of 'em and have come home better for it each time. There is just something great about rubbing shoulders with people who are actually making things happen in this space. The training is good too, don't get me wrong, but there is something about 72 hours with this group that's good for those looking for something in that space.

Armand offers a great affiliate program for the event (you have to have attended at least once to get into the program) that has allowed for some very creative marketing efforts on the side of his affiliates. If you've read my Blog for any length of time, you've seen me post accordingly.

I thought I'd have some fun.


Anyone who buys a ticket to Big Seminar X through my affiliate link and sends me their receipt, I'll buy 'em an iPhone.

If they do the “bring a friend” program at 50% off, they can upgrade that to a MacBook if desired.

Although this offer is painstakingly simple, I should say – more details at

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