A Unique Podcast Expo Option

On the Wednesday before Podcast Expo (the day before Podcast Academy), we’re doing something very cool – we’re having a special reunion for our Podcast Secrets students.

Students get in on this all-day training for $97. They’ve already been notified (and you know who you are).

Non students can attend for $197.

But here’s the really cool part.

When we open up Podcast Secrets again in 2008, it will be at least $1497.

We’re taking a MAXIMUM of 23 order for the Podcast Secrets 2007 recordings and player at the 2007 price.

Why would you pay for old material?

You’re an alumni for life.

I.e., Podcast Secrets 2008 for the cheapest possible price.

And you can get into our event for $97 more.

If you are interested, the details are here.

If you aren’t, I don’t know why you’ve read this far ;-).

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