What A Mattress Millionaire Maven Taught Me About Podcast Monetization

I won’t tell you her name, I’ll just tell you that she’s huge in this town for selling mattresses. I could ask “why buy a mattress anywhere else?” but that might give too much away.

A story she told me has more to do with Podcast monetization than ever before.

She was at one of her stores and noticed a customer in line about to buy one of the most expensive mattresses in the shop. These are the kind of customers we all want.

She went up to him to say hi and he recognized her from the commercials.

He asked her if he could “suggest” something.

She said, “Sure!” Anything for a customer.

He said, “Your commercials are terrible and they don’t work.”

He said that, in line to buy one of the most expensive mattresses in the shop.

And trust you me this, there are a lot of places in this town to buy a mattress.

He was thoroughly convinced that he knew best and knew what “worked” and had something to teach this maven about how to run her business.

Sometimes I feel like that mattress millionaire maven when I’m answering that question “How does someone make money in Podcasting?”

Who do you feel like when you’re dealing with monetization of new media?

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