Apple Tin Foil Hat Moment #5

Jobs has called AppleTV his “hobby.” That means he ain’t in this one to make money. What is he in this one for? I have a few hobby projects that I use as test grounds for everything else I’m doing.

Jobs released AppleTV very hackable – not easily hackable – but hackable none the less. Turned out that the update for AppleTV didn’t include anything to kill the hacks. If they were really worried, there would be another update that killed the hacks.

There isn’t one – and I doubt there will be one.

He now has the hackers happy and the content providers happy.

He releases a hackable iPhone – not easiliy hackable – but hackable none the less.

They’re not a content company, they’re a hardware company. Computers, phones, av equipment, I even hear rumors of cars.

Could he have released a hackable iPhone knowing that AT&T would ride it for all it is worth (by the way, the iPhone isn’t even on the home page for today) and that hackers would make it available for everything else?

Was T-Mobile part of the plan all along?

Just a thought.

And a tin foil hat one at that.

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