And The Beat Goes On … Thoughts On The Apple Event

As always, I played along at home via Engadget. And, of course, the lovely and gracious Cali has her video stream.

He brings up Podcasts in the first 5 minutes. “125k podcasts. “This is amazing material, it's free, and over 25k are video podcasts.” Steve knows that his money is in the hardware.

This last statistic blew my mind: in the US of all the music releases in 2006, 32% were digital-only releases.” Music on plastic disks, heck, all content on plastic disks, is quickly dieing …

… today we're going to refresh or replace EVERY single product in this lineup to get ready for this holiday season.” Did I say something earlier about Steve's money being in the hardware?

The new Nano now does video. That was a given. New interface too – looks nice but nothing too amazing. 24 hours audio / 5 hours of video. Nice.

The iPod “Classic” has a 160 gig version for $350. Your library in your pocket (and 7 hours video charge time).

iPod “Touch” – same interface as the iPhone. We all kinda figured that was coming. Gorgeous.

WIFI AND INTERNET FEATURES ON IPOD TOUCH. “Others have done this before and failed.” Safari built into iPod Touch. A very nice, very portable – 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $399. 5 hours video life. Again, Steve's money is in the hardware.

iTunes Music Wifi Store … if only the thing would do Podcasts. Partnership with Starbucks for some cross-marketing, etc.

An impressive run guys. And, yes, I will be buying an iPhone Touch.

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