Podcast Expo Prediction #1 – Geoghegan’s Presentation

Just got off the phone with Michael Geoghegan (Podcasting's Jimmy Stewart), with a long chat about life, Podcasting, the Podcast Academy, and more.

Come to the Podcast Academy event, I think he just sold me a sponsorship for Premiumcast.com.

Eventually we got to chatting about out presentations at PME. I can promise you with 100% knowledge that mine will be unlike anything you've seen beforeand will send you home very fired up (hope they ask me back next year, I'd hate to have to go to the “other” Expo) but …

… but Michael's, … how do I say this?

This is more of the “Rope” Jimmy Stewart than it is the “Mr. Smith” Jimmy Stewart. He's got some important stuff to say, and he's the one to say it, but it ain't gonna be pretty.

And I suggest that you consider being there when he says it – especially if your take on Podcasting's future is ad sales.

They will be talking about it after.

Long after …

p.s., in my presentation, you'll find that I think that new media is much bigger than ad sales.

13 days, 18 hours, 27 minutes …

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