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Update: Two days later, TechCrunch picks up this story (with a link to me) and it ends up on Techmeme. Maybe by linking to the ‘Crunch, I’ll get linked on the ‘Meme. Kinda sad if you think about it.

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that I’d find out this information from an audio-only version of Geekbrief? Get better Cali, and thanks for not bringing rubella to PME.

Podshow (video) content is now available on Tivo.

Smart move. Here’s how to do it (with a Tivo, at least (from their site)).

  • Go to TiVo Central.
  • Go to “Find Programs.”
  • Go to “TiVoCast” (or “Download TV and Movies” on some systems).
  • Choose the program you’d like to receive (PodShow TV, or any of our affiliated shows).
  • Choose “Get Season Pass” from the show menu. It’s that simple!
  • Every new episode will automatically download to your TiVo box, and appear in your “Now Playing List” just like regular television recordings.

I’ve been watching Geekbrief.tv all year on my television and let me tell you something, it’s simply much better on a television set.

I’m guessing since Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks show has been doing this for awhile, he introduced the right people accordingly.

I just wish Tivo had better penetration.

The more people watching video Podcasts on their television, the better.

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