From Submission To #1 In Google In 8 Hours And 33 Minutes (The PPC Classroom Video Review Story)

See below for an update on the stats:

My friend Anik Singal is launching PPC Classroom, a massive training program and management system for affiliate marketers who play the PPC game. It's impressive stuff with some amazing proof behind all of it.

But that's not what this article is about.

I thought I'd install Keynote 08 and give it a run before all the presentations surrounding PME next week. She's impressive alright.

I put together a quick 8 minute slide deck on PPC Classroom, with some thoughts on how it answers some changes in info product launches, and how I'm changing some things because of it. I used the Keynote 08 Slideshow Recording features to add my voice track. Worked quite well.

I exported a full-screen version of the presentation and submitted the PPC Classroom video to a number of video upload services. Here's the PPC Classroom video at MySpace. Here is the PPC Classroom Video Review at YouTube. Here's my video examination of PPC Classroom at the old standby – Youtube.

That was last night.

This morning, I noticed there were a very impressive chunk of plays of the PPC Classroom video at Blip.TV. Since I hadn't sent any traffic there, I was really surprised.

Another cool thing is that their video compression shows off the animation from the Slide Deck the best.

I did a quick check at Google to see where it placed as she's known for quick indexing (8.5 hours I've never seen, but it was a good hypothesis).

The video (at Blip) is #1 (in Google) for PPC Classroom Video. She's also #15 for “PPC Classroom.”

And that's in just 8.5 hours.

Color me impressed.

To bad Blip ain't at Podcast Expo, I'd love to shake their hand.

FWIW, here are some more thoughts on PPC Classroom (not related to the video – about the course) at

Update (2 Hours Later – Still Google): #3 (MySpace), #4, (Blip), #5 and #6 (Paul Recommends), #11 (Yahoo) for “PPC Classroom” / #1 (MySpace), #2 (Blip), #3 (Daily Motion), #6 (Blog) for “PPC Classroom Video”

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