What Will Curry Do (WWCD?) Podcast Expo Year 3

Love him or libel him, you gotta love Curry’s ability to play the press without paying for space at Podcast Expo.

The Wired article year 1 and the classic “I’d rather the money go to Podcasters and not the man.” (paraphrased) comment on his show got him more juice than a booth ever would have. Through in a little Madge Weinstein running around promotion the “unconference” and you got yourself a publicity juggernaut.

And then we mix in year 2’s funding announcement “timing” right before the show and the “Pimpmobile” taking people to the “unconference” at a hotel so far away that you have to wonder when the thing was planned.

This year’s Tivo announcement just isn’t enough. Curry might be bragging about it (or at least the Techcrunch coverage) in his blog but his pointing at ThePlusTV.com, his history, and some little birdies tell me something else is coming.

So, Podcasters, predict away … what will Curry do this year?

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