Rocketboom and Blip.TV – Week Of Podcast Expo Announcements #1

Watch this space for at least one more announcement (or at least commentary on announcements) today. And I expect lots more …

Andrew Baron announced today that the Rocketboom team has teamed with and “integrated our systems” to provide some fascinating ad insertion opportunities. From his post:

with the additional ability to serve interactive, post-roll ads and collapsable overlays in flash AND Quicktime files. After talking with Apple, we believe this is the first time anyone has used Quicktime to serve overlay ads. Our daily publishing method now incorporates this dynamic serving in perfect sync with our hard burning.

Trivia tidbit: The Sarah Silverman Program (a Comedy Central property) gets the first run of ads.

Joanne chatted about it today in the show with a promise that Rocketboom will “change” if the audience doesn’t like it.

This overlay process for ad insertions is considered by some to be “annoying,” but according to Techcrunch, “pre-rolls have the potential to turn off viewers and post-rolls don’t get watched.

Rocketboom had been experimenting with post-rolls previously.

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