We’re Sharing Our Podcast Expo Booth With Who (Or No, … You Can’t Catch Rubella THAT Way)?

If you’ve been monitoring the wackiness over at GeekBrief.tv, you’ve been watching Cali Lewis and her strange bout with Rubella (something even Wikipedia thought was eliminated).

Well, that won’t keep her and Neal away from Podcast Expo. As per Geekbrief #233, they’re sending a MacBook for video interviews with as many Podcasters as they can get in our booth (#411). The details are here.

They’ll then launch a series of the interviews in a Premiumcast.com feed for folk to enjoy – at home with German Measles, or at their hotel at the end of each night.

You will need a reservation to get in. Our booth guards will be diligent at checking names to the list.

Neal and I are working feverishly to iron out the details but Cali is taking reservations now – and we’d love to see you at the booth.

Plus, a little exposure on Geekbrief is never bad, for any Podcaster.

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