Podango Acquires Gigavox Audio Light – Week Of Podcast Expo Announcements #2

In one of the few “didn't see that comin” announcements of Podcast Expo week goes a little something like this: Podango has acquired the Gigavox Audio Light system for integration into their offerings.

I've been using the Gigavox Audio Light system since they day they asked for alpha testers (and pretty much called them daily until they asked for alpha testers) across all of our projects and am a huge fan of the project. I've also been part of Podango since last PME so this feels a bit like two good friends getting married.

Actually, come to think of it, I think I had a little something to do with those two meeting each other. Regardless, should be very fun to see how these two live together after the honeymoon.

The Gigavox system is a far-more powerful system than I think most people realize. It allows the rapid and professional Podcast production with systemoc ad-integration on the back end. Simply said, it lets content producers focus on being content producers, not audio engineers. Sadly, it never seemed to gather the momentum it should have at Gigavox. So here's to the marriage …

Will there be cake?

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