The Ninja Keynote Is Killing Me … Get It …?

Been too busy to blog anything this weekend (but the Twitter thing has been fun) but I know we'll get some amazing nuggets here at the Ninja keynote at Podcast and New Media Expo. Enjoy the free form thoughts here:

  • Episode 1 was filmed from a digital camera that “did” video. Tech is good – but talent is obviously more important.
  • iMovie 1.0 didn't have “undo.”
  • 40 minutes of raw footage per episode.
  • WallStrip and Ninja were “two different reactions to Rocketboom.”
  • Choose Federated Media because they weren't “huxter bull@#** artists.”
  • What do advertisers want? … EVERYTHING.
  • They don't not do product placement because it is evil, they don't do product placement because “it doesn't make sense with the show.”
  • Merchandise is 20-30% of their gross.
  • They are fine with their audience size.
  • “We don't want to have a boss.”
  • Their initial investment money went to “paying the rent,” not costumes, etc.
  • How to make a living doing this? “It's just a matter of time. It will start scaling.”
  • More RSS viewers than people who watch it at the site.
  • Make your show as easy on yourself as possible. Don't over complicate things.

Excellent. Thanks for being our inspiration guys.

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