Zune 2 Includes Some Very Cool Podcasting Support

Updated: Zune 2 Podcasting Roundup.

Updated: More Zune 2 details grabbed from a conference call Wednesday morning. It actually keeps getting better.

Updated: From official Microsoft documentation released, “In addition to a wide selection of music, Zune Marketplace offers thousands of music videos and more than 1,000 featured audio and video podcasts. You can also add your own podcasts by simply typing in the URL.

Updated: Zune.net tells us Zune 1 users will be seeing the update in November.

Updated: Zune 1 owners get the Zune 2 software upgrade says Engadget.


The Zune 2 has some very cool Podcasting support, at least according to the “official” reports that are now pouring in.

You can now sync and listen to your favorite Podcast on your Zune.

Quick and easy proof – The photo gallery over at News.com shows the word Podcasting throughout. Some more pictures of the interface are available at Gizmodo.

Best piece of news I’ve heard yet – Cnet reports “Zune devices will automatically sync when connected over home wireless networks. The feature is designed to ensure that owners always leave home with the latest content, such as podcasts.”

Let me be the first to point out that this is far more than even the iPhone / iTunes Wifi Store does. Yes, Zune has a had a year head-start but I’m just thrilled it is finally there.

Apparently, the Zune Marketplace has been entirely redesigned to handle all of these issues. As of 8:04 PM Pacific, there was no update to the Zune software and nothing I have read yet explains when that is expected.

Been a long time coming, but it is finally here.

Our audience just got a lot bigger.

Updated: Flickrset of Zune 2 Images.

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