The iPhone As Portable Wireless Podcatcher

I bought my iPhone on Saturday and am now part of the “iCult.”

Last night I watched all of the episodes of (my favorite tip so far, Jivetalk as instant messenger option) via stream connected to my wifi at home. Very nice, an on-demand portable media player.

Today I had to run some errands. I plugged my iPhone into the car stereo and listened to several Podcasts using Pickle Mobile. Here’s the thing, the Edge network stinks for most Web content but all the shows I listened to streamed fine.

This means, and please catch this, my iPhone is a great little portable wireless Podcatcher. Can’t really do it with an iPod Touch (at least when driving around) but this is very cool and very powerful.

Downloading and taking it all with me is going to become less and less important as our wireless options become better. The iPhone ain’t perfect for this type of consumption but it’s very close.

These are exciting times for us new media types.

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