More On Podcasting As “Just One Channel”

At my presentation to Podcast And New Media Expo I offered the concept that “Big Media” understands multiple vehicles and channels for monetization of their content. I suggested that the “real” power in New Media is in our ability to shoot that content down as many channels as is possible.

And I suggested that Podcasting is just “one” of the channels.

This meme continues: Tim Bourquin did something funky. He took the name “Podcasting” out and, next year, we’re all attending the “New Media Expo.”

Funny thing is, I think he came up with this before my presentation.

I chat about this move a bit in the latest episode of Podcast Tools. Tim liked the show enough that he commented at the site, and I quote, that I “nailed the reasoning behind why we dropped the name.

Let me expand on this concept a bit with a case study from my own life. – Teleseminar, Webcast, Podcast, Premium Podcast, Blog, Electronic Products, CD Series and more …

To recap, the content was originally a teleseminar (one channel), shot down a webcast (another), transferred to a Podcast (another), a Blog (another), some emedia options(another) and finally the old fashioned cd (yet another).

There has been talk of making some slides and doing a video series as well. I also might make an ebook of the content.

If Tim were to do an event for me, he’d have to call it the “Teleseminar and Webinar and Podcast and eMedia and CD and New Media Expo.”

Now we know why he changed the name.

Here’s my suggestion – actually two of them:

1 – If your content is good, shoot it down as many channels as possible. That’s where the money is.

2 – If your content isn’t good, make it good (and then see #1). That’s where the money is.

Stop thinking Podcasting, start thinking the Podcast channel

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