Teleseminar Secrets – Why The Fuss?

It’s that time of the year again. The marketing campaigns for Teleseminar Secrets have started up and I wanted to explain why I’m so into this course / concept / approach. This video might help:

The video is also on Meta Cafe, Google, Revver and Daily Motion. I guess we shouldn’t get the Teleseminar Secrets Video at Blip now, should we?

But, back to the topic at hand.

In short, I find too many Podcasters suffer from the blank microphone problem. They have a desire to communicate with the world through this most exciting of channels but find that they often really don’t have that much to say. You get the “umm, ahh, welcome to my show, … it’s a real good show … um, ah … next week we’re gonna be really good … ummm … ahhh … etc” effect.

Basically, the tech gets in the way of the content.

I found this true even in the Podcast Secrets class. I wanted to teach and talk monetization models but the audience spent way too much time fighting over a good definition for the term RSS.

Sound familiar?

This is why I love Alex’s angle on Teleseminar Secrets so much. It’s hard to let the “tech” of a telephone get in the way of anything. As a result, students can get right to the business of producing content that the audience actually wants, planning for revenue, etc. – something the Podcasting audience needs serious training in.

I met Alex when he was selling the first round of this class and noted that everyone who asked the question “when is the class” and were happy with the numbers could easily be converted into the class.

When they responded with something like “oh, I have choir that night.” (or anything else), the promise of a “password protected website” that help the course material was the weakest link in the sales process.

I suggested to Alex that his answer might be “The class is Monday night, or it is on your iPod Tuesday morning.” He asked if such was possible and our partnership was born.

So, it is a class, it is the default class, on content production, without the tech interference that I send everyone I possibly can through.

Then, once you’ve mastered content creation, you can shoot said content down whatever channel you want – teleseminar, Podcast, etc.

As is the traditional with other classes of this style, the affiliate program for teleseminar secrets lets me offer a very nice bonus package for anyone who purchases the product under my link. If you’re interested, leave a note below (your email is accessible to the public, just me) and I’ll contact you accordingly.

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