Real Online Video Advertising Numbers From A Real Unlikely Source

I’m not one to point to Valleywag and I pray this piece isn’t them just making up stuff but according to Paul Boutin over there, we’ve got some real numbers to talk about in the online video space. His says these came from the Web 2.0 Summit.

Federated Media is claiming 5 figure and 7 figure checks from advertisers. What, doesn’t anone pay 6 figures anymore?

Advertisers pay most for the host endorsement. But then again, any episode of Diggnation will show you that there is little quality control in the space.

$2 to $4 CPM for those starting out in this game. That’s why I don’t play that game. My content is worth much more than that.

And here’s a suggestion – if you stop accepting $2 to $4 CPM, you might be surprised what the offer the second time around.

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