Apple Goes All New Media On Leopard – Podcast Producer?

Just when the news about the lack of Notes to iPhone syncing in Leopard made me think that I could wait a few days to upgrade …

Podcasting News reports that we've got a bunch of very-cool Podcasting and New Media features in the new release of Leopard. I suggest a full read of their article but something really caught my eye here that means I just might head over to the Apple store tomorrow.

The new stuff in iChat had always made me think of the video information content and products I could produce with it. I've got deep plans.

But, this “Podcast Producer” product (how come I haven't heard of this) …

Podcast Capture is designed to make it easy to capture high-quality audio and video from local and remote cameras and record screen captures. Podcast Capture records audio and video from a wide range of devices, including digital video cameras connected via FireWire, USB microphones, and iSight cameras.

Once captured, you can upload content into Podcast Producer for encoding and distribution.

Sounds very powerful indeed.

Anyone else heard of this feature?

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